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Our City  -  It's a Great Place!

Our City - It's a Great Place!

Superyacht City - City of 100 Beaches

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Whangarei City surely is a Great Place!  Great people ... great families ... great scenery ... great outdoors ... great beaches ... great sports ... great fun ... great food ... great shopping ... great dining ... great wine ... great education ... great nightlife .. great art ...  great skills ... great potential ... great opportunity ... great boat building ... and a great time! 

New Zealand's warmest and northernmost city knows how to show you an easy-going good time.  The centre of a district famous for its 100 or so superb beaches and romantic countryside.  Whangarei with a population of 41500 or so, enjoys more than 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, and there's rainfall enough to keep the surroundings lush, green and attractively semi-tropical. 

Whangarei has grown to become the cultural, entertainment, commercial and service centre for Northland.  It has come a long way since Ahipupu  times! 


Places to Visit Around Town                                       Bus Timetable

(It's a City which the locals call Town)

Here we list and describe features of interest around  the city or within a few minutes' drive from the city centre:

[ Tarewa Park & Whangarei Visitors Bureau ] -  [Geoff Wilson Gallery] - [Northland Polytechnic] - [Raumanga Valley Reserve (and waterfall)] - [The Quarry (Northland Craft Trust)] - [Rosval Rock Wall] - [Chipmunks Indoor Playground] - [Cafler Park and Rose Gardens] -  [Fernery, Conservatory & Cacti House] - [Whangarei Art Gallery] - [ Forum North ] - [Whangarei District  Library] - [City Centre] -  [Mair Park] - [WAODS Theatre] -[Clapham's Clocks] - [Town Basin] - [Reyburn House] - [Whangarei Aquatics] - [Skateboard Park] -  [Mt Parahaki  Reserve] - [Wastewater Treatment Plant] - [Whangarei Museum (including Kiwi House and Clarke Homestead)] - [Native Bird Recovery Centre] - [Whangarei Falls] - [Abbey Caves] - [AH Reed Memorial Kauri Park] - [Hikurangi]

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